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Slender Pet Give Away!

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Hello everyone,

For everyone that was able to attend our Halloween event, we really hope you enjoyed it. You worked hard for your limited edition items and we are excited to see you show it off. One of our staff members has donated a Slender Pet to give away to a lucky member!

To enter this giveaway, just leave a reply to this post. That is it you are entered.

P.S. Sorry for the iron-men, you will not be able to receive a pet on your account, as iron-men cant trade. But you can still give it to your main!

The winner will be picked at random. Good Luck to you all!

As a side note that was brought up this is a pet that was earned by a member. There are no way to get them anymore in game unless it traded from another member

Envision Staff Team

Give away ends in 24 hours from this post

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