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[Update] Champions Area, Bug Fixes, QoL

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Champions Area
Within this new area you can earn a strong magic weapon, the Sang Staff. More details on this whole update are located on our discord https://discord.gg/rmXmD5ZRwg in the #Champions-zone under Guides.


Quality of Life Changes

  • Slightly changed raids map
  • You'll now deal more damage against your slayer task if using slayer helmets
    Bloodied/enchanted = 30% more
    Normal slayer = 10% more
    Full slayer helm = 15% more
  • Using slayer bow, staff and axe will increase your max against your slayer task by 100%
  • Increased stats of knowledge necklace
  • Added spear to endurance point shop
  • Any spear ingame will deal extra damage to corp beast
  • Slightly increased stats of the minigun and the spec will deal 10% more damage
  • Sentinel weapons are now 2 lines of damage
  • Minigun is now 2 lines of damage
  • Added accept all button to daily tasks
  • Mass boss scroll will now work at corp
  • Slightly increased chance of sentinel weapons
  • New world boss, the Slayer Warrior has a chance to spawn when killing any slayer npc
    The slayer warrior can drop Hexcrest and Focus sight aswell as the new enhanced slayer gear


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs with player owned shops and upgrade scroll
  • Corrected grand ring droprate
  • Increased stats of knowledge necklace
  • Fixed bug with private messaging
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