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[Update] Slayer, New Boss & QoL

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Slayer BossThe Mechanic

  • The Mechanic can be found at the Slayer Teleport (Click the skill icon) -> Slayer Lectern
  • It can only be killed while you have it assigned as your slayer task
  • Drops include parts for the new weapon, the minigun. (Before you start to worry.. This will be the only minigun that's coming to Envision)

Boss Slayer

  • The beginning of Boss Slayer Tasks has begun
  • You can acquire a boss slayer task at the Retired Master located at the slayer teleport
  • Currently, the only available bosses are; Mechanist, Ice kraken, and Unchained skeleton

In Other News

  • All boss lobby bosses have had their hp buffed (except spider)
  • It now costs 25m to skip a slayer task 
  • Fixed staff panel
  • Bloodied slayer full helm now works with pure blood gear 
  • Raid chest has received a small buff
  • The first raid boss has had its minions and healing nerfed
  • Guren has been added back to teleport interface
  • A button has been placed the progression interface to switch between melee, range and magic
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