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[Update] Pet Changes, QoL & More

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Pet Changes

  • Pet name alterations
            Grand Heli -> Helicopter
            Cretaceous Heli -> Grand Helicopter
            Thanos [Dream] -> Thanos [Rare]
            Deadly Ant [Rare] -> Shadow [Rare]
            Mystical Genie -> Enchanted Genie
            Celestial Phoenix -> Enchanted Phoenix
  • Pet Droprate Changes

              The following now give 3% Bonus Droprate

                   Pikachu, Mini Phoenix, Spongebob, Callisto, Fire Hydrant, Charmander, Homer

              The following now give 8% Bonus Droprate

                   Skeleton, Shadow, Star, Thanos

              The following now give 13% Bonus Droprate

                   Yoda, Kangaroo, Sky Panda, Hellcat

              All other pets -> Bonus Droprate

                   White Genie -> 18%

                   Black Genie -> 20%

                   Enchanted Genie -> 50%

                   Pet Trex -> 20%

                   Magsty -> 25%

                   Nafai -> 25%

                   Apocata -> 35%

                   Phoenix -> 25%

                   Enchanted Phoenix -> 80%

                   Helicopter -> 35%

                   Grand Helicopter -> 55%

                   Ring Master -> 35%

                   John the Blob -> 100%

                   Enchanted Blob -> 175%


  • Bonus Pet Changes


                   White & Black Genie -> Provide a bonus 10% Battle-Pass Experience Gain

                   Enchanted Genie -> Provides a bonus 25% Battle-Pass Experience Gain

                   Magsty -> Deal an increased 20% Damage against Magsty

                   Nafai -> Deal an increased 20% Damage against Nafai 

                   Apocata -> Deal an increased 20% Damage against Apocata 

                   Phoenix -> Deal an increased 20% Damage against Phoenix 

                   Enchanted Phoenix -> Deal an increased 25% Damage against Phoenix 

                   Archnoid -> Deal an increased 20% Damage against Archnoid 

                   Ice Kraken -> Deal an increased 20% Damage against Ice Kraken 

                   Helicopter -> Deal an increased 10% Damage everywhere

                   Grand Helicopter -> Deal an increased 15% Damage everywhere

                   Ring Master -> You have an increased chance to receive rare raids loot

                   John the Blob -> You have an increased chance to receive rare raids loot

                   Enchanted Blob -> Deal 25% Extra Damage everywhere; Earn 35% More Battle-Pass Experience; You will now have a chance to find Pure Stones inside all boxes



Ice Kraken

  • When killing an ice kraken; there will be a 1/250 chance to spawn an enchanted kraken which has a rare drop of the Enchanted Bottle
  • Enchanted bottle can be used on:
  • Black/White Genie -> Enchanted Genie
  • Phoenix -> Enchanted Phoenix
  • Hexcrest/Focus Sight -> Enchanted Hexcrest/Focus Sight
  • Master Penance Trident -> Enchanted Master Trident
  • Purple gem gloves -> Enchanted gem gloves


Battle Pass Changes

  • The following will now each provide 150 Battle Pass Experience

                   Rageros, Skeleton Champion, Phoenix, Apocata, Nafai, Magsty, Carrie, Larry, Harry, Sharie, All Grand Dragons


Donation Deal Changes

  • You will now have a chance to receive a Pure Stone from the Donation Package Deals located on ::donate in-game
  • RNG Ticket has a 1:25 chance
  • Promo Package has a 1:15 chance
  • Grand Promo Package has a 1:5 chance


New Upgrades

  • Enchanted Blob is created by using an Enchanted Phoenix, John The Blob & Enchanted Genie. 
  • This Pet will fight alongside you everywhere and deal 80k damage every hit
  • An enchanted slayer helm has been added. The enchanted slayer helm provides 10% damage boost.
  • If you pair a enchanted slayer helm with any enchanted weapon then you'll receive an extra 30% damage boost
  • If the enchanted slayer helm and weapon is paired with a enchanted pet then you'll receive an additional 15% damage boost and 5% additional with purple gem gloves


In Other News

  • All destruction pieces now sells for 4.2k
  • Knights Sword now sellable
  • Extreme Donor box now gives the proper Sponsor Donator Scroll
  • Tornado Staff (x) should no longer have a projectile delay
  • Enhanced Overload (x) will now provide the bonus 15% Coin Drops when active
  • The Sinister Crossbow will now deal 2 lines of damage
  • Rev Werewolf no longer has drops
  • Thors Hammers now provide 18% Droprate each
  • Item Upgrade Scrolls are now stackable
  • Once a player has reached over level 10 in the battle pass, it will announce to all players
  • Fixed the ::well interface
  • Removed useless items from raid rewards and buffed it a bit
  • Increased HP of all raid bosses + added more mechanics
  • Increased HP of Archnoid boss
  • Fixed a bug with equipment
  • Corp. Beast will now stun you less
  • Ice kraken will stop disabling prayer
  • You now need a slayer task to fight ice kraken and unchained skeleton
  • Changed Teleport interface
  • Fixed Sensi staff 
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