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Hulk’s staff application

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Envision RSPS Staff Application Form

What is your in-game name: 


What is your time zone? 

Eastern Standard Time

What experience (if any) do you have being a staff member on a RuneScape private server? 

5+ years ago I was a moderator on a low populated server

Currently head community manager of a server that’s pre launch

Why do you think you should be chosen for Server Support?

Very active (675 hours to date), I always help regardless of what position I’m in, I enjoy helping players with any questions or concerns they may have and I have no problem explaining things (even things that can be found in our guides) as I have a lot of experience and knowledge about envision. I would be able to help host and coordinate events for all players, be a trusted middleman at ::gamble and I would also be able to bring suggestions from the community ingame to staff and help implement those suggestions in a viable way.

Im also willing to learn anything necessary in order to improve and help in any way I can. 

Do you consider yourself to be active enough on Discord and in-game to fulfil staff requirements? 

Yes 100%. I’m able to be reached on discord most of the time unless I’m sleeping and play anywhere from 3-12 hours a day.

How many hours on average per day can you dedicate to Envision? 

I currently play anywhere from 3-12 hours a day somewhat AFK, but can guarantee atleast 3-6 hours.

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