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Holder Server Support Application

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What is your in-game name: My in-game name is Holder.


What is your time zone My timezone is GMT, i live just outside of London.


What experience (if any) do you have being a staff member on a RuneScape private server? I have never been staff on another server, as much as I'd like to say i have. However i feel i understand and am fully aware of the responsibilities server supports have, and the role that they play in the community. 


Why do you think you should be chosen for Server Support? I believe i would be a great addition to the team as i know the server and the community very well. I believe i get along with everyone and find it very easy to get along with anyone i meet. I am as friendly as they come and i make sure not to judge people or hold grudges, which is a quality that any member of a staff team should have. I am never too busy to help someone, and will always go out of my way to assist anyone that needs me. I enjoy helping newer players experience the server and will always help them out in game when i am able to. Most importantly i think that the fact that i enjoy the server and its community so much will really help me excel as a member of the team. Since i realised the servers potential i have wanted nothing but success for it, and success for the people that run it. I want to give my all and contribute to that success in any way possible. I know that i can remain calm in any situation, and handle things in the best interest of the server. 

Do you consider yourself to be active enough on Discord and in-game to fulfil staff requirements? I definitely consider myself active enough in game, but know that i could be more active on discord. 

How many hours on average per day can you dedicate to Envision? I tend to play between 8-16 hours a day, however i obviously spend some of that time "semi-afk" in my private zone, but i do always have an eye on the screen.

Thank you for reading

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