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Guest Vampyre

Vampyre Staff Application

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Guest Vampyre

What is your in-game name: Vampyre

What is your time zone? Central US Time

What experience (if any) do you have being a staff member on a RuneScape private server? I have been staff on two separate private servers a long time ago. (2017)

Why do you think you should be chosen for Server Support? I spend a big chunk of my time in game helping new players with any questions they have and I've been playing long enough to know what I'm talking about. I also get along great with most everyone on the server. (Not hard to do since the servers community is so friendly).

Do you consider yourself to be active enough on Discord and in-game to fulfill staff requirements? Yes, I'm almost always in discord voice-chat while I'm playing.

How many hours on average per day can you dedicate to Envision? Around 5 hours a day, 8 hours a day on weekend.

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Life happened and I don't think I'll have enough time to dedicate myself to the server, requesting to take this application down.

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