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Server Update 12/24/2020~1/1/2021

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- The annoying message when you have a full inventory is no longer there
- You can now upgrade Blue Coins into Gold Coins for 1.1m : 1
- You can now sell Gold Coins to the Junk Store
The 100-level progression pass has finally been released! Everyone's progress has been reset and you must all grind out the new pass! In this pass, there are free levels and premium levels. Any player can obtain the free level rewards, however if you have not purchased the premium progression pass, you will not be able to claim the premium level rewards.

The release of the MINI-ME pet! Thanks to hard work from Null, the long-anticipated mini-me pet has finally been released! Keeping in mind there have been numerous pre-orders, you can expect to see some following their owners around the server! Purchase your very own via the donation store or via contacting Afsheen/Flex in-game to set up a deal! *Null will be sharing more details regarding the mini-me later, possibly in a guide*

The new item grading system! Now, if you have more than 1 of a piece of gear, you can use them on each other to upgrade the grade of your gear! For example, if I were to use two fury swords on each other, I would receive a Fury Sword +1 which has an increased 0.5% stats compared to the regular Fury Sword. The first 5 upgrades will charge you an extra 1 item, however after that you will be charged 2. The maximum grade is +25 for any item.

Due to popular demand, John has been working very hard to put out some mid-tier content for you guys! He has successfully managed to produce a number of medium difficulty bosses, along with some quests for you guys to complete!
*John will be writing up instructions on how to begin each quest later today*

A good amount of high tier items have also been added to the game! The following:

-Stone Cold Weapons (These weapons are equal to current BIS stats) - Obtainable from the Stone Cold Chest, openable with a Stone Cold Key

-Energy Sword (A weapon high in stats with a POWERFUL special attack) - Obtainable by combining 3 energy sword pieces, obtainable from Energy Sword Goodieboxes

-Private Zone Voucher (You can now obtain a private zone via GRIND BABY!) - Obtainable from in-game donation store for 3000 points.

Some additions have made their way to the in-game donation store;

Private Zone voucher - 3000 points

25% Droprate scroll - 1200 points

50% Droprate scroll - 2800 points

Energy sword goodiebox - 55 points

Stone cold key - 5 points

There have also been some changes to the donation web-store! The following additions have been made:

-Scroll of Raids (15% bonus damage, 10% bonus chance for ultra loot) - 200$

-Stone Cold Key (Used to open the Stone Cold Chest at home) - 1$ each

-Energy Sword Goodiebox - 20$

-Doppel Ganger Goodiebox - 25$

-Doppel Ganger (mini-me)  - 600$

This may look like a lot of work, however there is even more of it that is not visible! I must ask that you thank the development team for their hard work on this update, as there have been lots of bug fixes behind the scenes and a lot of work done to improve your experience here at Envision. Round of applause to Marco, John and Adam!

Changes to a number of models, such as helicopter pet to decrease lag.
Disabled animated textures again.

Addition of a command to toggle boss point announcements
(::togglebosspoints / :toggleboss / ::togglebosspts)

New Ice and Earth beasts now award Battle Pass EXP

Removed 5$ bonds from donator box

Removed ::Welcomeback command
Disabled Executive and Sponsor zones
Doppel Hotfixes by NULL
Scroll of Raids fix
Empty command remains disabled

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