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Everything you need to know about Raids!

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Complete Raids Guide

I will continue to update this as Raids change.

At the end of this guide, I will link an example video of a perfect Raid run.



How to get to Raids

Start by opening up your teleport interface.


Minigames > Raids



How to create/start a Raids party

Start by speaking with John.


This will open up an interface displaying your party members, your best Raid time, and the servers best Raid time.


You may solo, duo, trio, or have a full party of 4.

If you wish to Raid with friends: Click create a party and right click your friend to invite them. Click start raids, and you're off!


Boss Room 1: Ring Master



The first thing you'll want to do, especially being newer to raids is to drag the Ring Master away from spawn. Run into this corner here.




Once you begin attacking, the Ring Master will move towards you. This greatly decreases the chance of the ring spawning too close to him.




Once you have correctly positioned the ring master come to this spot by the torch. We will be sitting here the rest of the time.




1st Attack: The Ring Master will launch his first attack around 350m HP. You will be safe standing next to the torch.




2nd Attack: Upon reaching 200m HP the Ring Master will spawn a white ring. Move as fast as you can into it. With that being said, it can be very hard to tell if you are inside the rings.

Keep your camera all the way up at all times and click just about beside the ring. This will come with practice. As soon as the ring vanishes, return to the torch.




3rd Attack: The Ring Master has realized he can no longer take you on by himself. He will spawn in 2 skeleton minions at 150m HP. Quickly attack both of the skeleton minions and kill them.

He will be healed back up to 200m HP.



4th and final attack: The Ring Master will summon rows of fire to the east. You will be safe from this by the torch.

As soon as the fire disappears you need to run towards the exit gate. He will summon rows of fire to the west immediately after.




Finish out your kill and congratulations, you have completed your first Raid boss. 3 more to go!

Exit out of the gate and follow the path.

If you have a Ring Master pet you may use the door outside of the first boss room and skip this next step.

You might have thought we made it to the 2nd boss but we didn't. We must sneak past the Zombie Queen Follower to reach her.

You must wait for him to turn around so you can follow behind. Stand here and simply wait.



As he begins making his way back down the hallway, follow close behind until we reach a hiding spot in the wall.




Stand right inside here and let him go by again. Once he passes, head down the path to the 2nd Boss Room.




Boss Room 2: Zombie Queen




The Zombie Queen will most likely be your hardest challenge. Don't give up and continue to learn from your mistakes.

There isn't any safe spots. You will need to constantly be alert and moving.

I will go over the attacks and when they will trigger, but there is no secrets to this boss.


1st Attack: The Zombie Queens first attack will trigger at 850m HP. She will spawn a bunch of red rings that will explode after a few seconds. You need to find any openings you can.  It will be easier to figure out if you are completely paying attention when she first begins the attack, because the rings expand.




2nd Attack: The Zombie Queen will make rocks fall from the sky at 750m HP. This is pretty simple. Run away from the falling rocks.




3rd Attack: The Zombie Queen will do the same move as her first attack at 400m HP.




4th Attack: The Zombie Queen will make rocks fall from the sky while spawning in a ring at 250m HP. This may be the attack that upsets you, but just stay calm.

You need to make sure there isn't a rock above the ring. If there is, wait for it to fall then run into the ring. This ring lasts longer than most because of this mechanic.

Panicking will only result in a death.




5th and final attack: The Zombie Queen will make a final attempt to kill you at 150m HP. Once again, this will be the same red ring mechanic as before. Find the opening before they expand.




Finish out your kill and proceed down the well.

Congratulations, another boss down. Time for the 3rd boss.


Boss Room 3: Skeleton Warrior




Now we are back to the easy stuff. 

Stay here for the beginning of the fight.




1st Attack: The Skeleton Warrior will spawn a shadow attack at 600m HP. In this spot you will be safe.




Move over 1 tile after the shadow attack.




2nd Attack: The Skeleton Warrior will trigger a fire attack at 400m HP. You will be safe from this attack if you moved 1 tile over after the shadow attack.




3rd Attack: The Skeleton Warrior will freeze you while putting an explosion ring underneath of you at 250m HP. Click to the next tile over until you are no longer frozen. The freeze will not last very long so you will have plenty of time.




4th Attack: The Skeleton Warrior will spawn a fire attack at 150m HP. If you moved over 1 tile after the freeze ring, you will be safe. Technically you would be safe in the last spot too, but you will lose DPS if you keep moving for no reason.




Run into this corner, immediately after the fire attack. This will drag the Skeleton Warrior away from the ring he is about to spawn.




5th and final attack: The Skeleton Warrior will spawn red explosive rings and a white ring that you must get inside of. Wait for the explosions to go off then sprint to the finish line. (Inside the ring)

Finish off your kill and move down the hallway to the final boss...

If you have a John the Blob pet, you may use the shortcut door, avoiding walking around the hallway.







You will need to pick up the Staff Of the Rocks. This will spawn in this exact spot every time and is required to do damage at the beginning of this fight.




Once you have obtained the Staff and equipped it, you will need to hide behind this pillar while attacking.

He will not be able to hit you.

Continue attacking him with the Staff Of The Rocks from 1250m HP to 1199m HP.




When he hits 1199m HP, I suggest turning your quick prayers off yourself before he does it. I quickly turn my prayers off right after he hits 1199m HP. Then I turn them back on and switch to my main weapon (Tornado Staff) to begin dealing the real damage. If you don't do this fast enough, he will stack you out very fast. He will begin to deal poison damage as well. You can click on the pool to remove the curse or you can out heal it with soulsplit. (Recommended)





1st Attack after rock phase: John the Blob will spawn a freeze ring under you at about 1120m HP. Simply move to the spot below.






2nd Attack: John the Blob will set off a huge explosion at around 900m.  In this spot you are completely safe. Basically don't move.




You will want your mouse lined up exactly as mine is in this picture for the 3rd attack. This will be where the white ring spawns every time.




3rd Attack: John the Blob will once again use another freeze ring at 700m HP. Move into this spot using the method above. You will be set for the next attack.





4th Attack: John the Blob will make rocks fall from the sky while spawning in a white ring that you have to be inside. Using my method you will already be in the ring. BUT rocks can fall on this ring so be prepared to run away and then run back into the ring quickly. 




5th and final attack: At around 10m HP, John the Blob will try to make you very sad. He will spawn a freeze ring under you hoping that you are no longer paying attention. PAY ATTENTION!!!

Don't die to the very last, easy mechanic.




You have now finished your first raid, and may exit the portal to loot your chest.





Video example of a perfect Raid run: 




1. You will see this a lot during your time in Raids:

raid guide9.PNG

Make sure to set quick prayers and always pay attention.


2. If you don't have overloads, there are stat boost pools located throughout the Raids map.

raid guide30.PNG


3. John the Blob pet will allow you to skip the hallway between the 3rd and 4th boss room. He will also allow you to receive double raid loot.

The Ring Master pet will allow you to skip the Zombie Queen Follower.




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