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ds lucky

Bugs? / suggestion on duo slayer

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- Add duo slayer, making it possible to go through slayer with a friend or random online player. Create a unique duo slayer store with unique items.

- Add more items to be able to sell to the junk store, like partyhats, ween masks, bones (from bosses) etc.

- Increase loot from caskets from 0-2k to 1-10k, with a really small chance of obtaining 1m, making it worth picking them up.

- Add something rare to obtain by opening clue scrolls, like 1/25k, instead of only starter keys. Or maybe an "advanced key", which is an better version of starter key?

- Add items to the AFK store or change some? Maybe make it possible to obtain a beginner/mid tier aura from the afk store?

- Add global minigames, to make the community more active with each other

- Add some skilling with unique rewards, like woodcutting with special pet / bird nest with special ring rewards (make it less PVM only)

- Recreate POS, and make it easier to find the lowest price on an item

- Add an option to let people become support. I believe this server will grow really fast soon 😄

- Add skilling point system with an own store, making skilling more active

- Recreate ::shops, and place npc's closer to each other in just one room, instead of spreading around




- Abaddon is not aggressive, early boss but does zero damage.
- Link dropps "infernal groudon bone" maybe remove those bones from drop or rename them
- One barrelchest is spawning outside the area, remove this one or place it inside the area?


Thank you for reading, please let me know what you think of those! 😄 


DS Lucky


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