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  1. Huge Quality of life: Add a recent trades to the Player owned shops. It gives players a good idea of how much things go for and it's also a good way to make sure nobody is getting scammed by overpaying a ridiculous amount
  2. Great update! I added a post in server suggestions if you have time to check it out 🙂
  3. ~~ Junk Shop ~~ - Add the ability to sell all "junk" items to it. Dark Invis, Toxic items, Beginner sets, etc. - Replace the Junk shop NPC from party pete to something more fitting. Maybe just a general store guy? ~~ Slayer ~~ - Add superiors (With a chance of dropping a slayer key or something like that and then add a slayer chest at Chestzone) - Expand slayer reward shop - Add a larger variety of tasks ~~ Quality of life ~~ - Finish the help tab - Add a starter zone/tutorial - Make the global Boss spawns more noticable.. A broadcast that is bold or something like tha
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