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  1. Champions Area Within this new area you can earn a strong magic weapon, the Sang Staff. More details on this whole update are located on our discord https://discord.gg/rmXmD5ZRwg in the #Champions-zone under Guides. Quality of Life Changes Slightly changed raids map You'll now deal more damage against your slayer task if using slayer helmets Bloodied/enchanted = 30% more Normal slayer = 10% more Full slayer helm = 15% more Using slayer bow, staff and axe will increase your max against your slayer task by 100% Increased stats of knowledge necklac
  2. Drop Tables You can now visibly see the drop tables on every boss teleport https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/762833240444502020/847951111766933524/unknown.png Critical Hit Modifier There is now a Critical Hit modifier available to create. When you deal a critical hit you will deal 2.5x your max hit. Level 1: 3% chance Level 2: 6% chance Level 3: 9% chance Level 4: 12% chance Level 5: 15% chance Giant Mole You can find the Giant mole inside the Bosses Teleports There is a chance that you can spawn the Enchanted Mole after defeatin
  3. Slayer Boss - The Mechanic The Mechanic can be found at the Slayer Teleport (Click the skill icon) -> Slayer Lectern It can only be killed while you have it assigned as your slayer task Drops include parts for the new weapon, the minigun. (Before you start to worry.. This will be the only minigun that's coming to Envision) Boss Slayer The beginning of Boss Slayer Tasks has begun You can acquire a boss slayer task at the Retired Master located at the slayer teleport Currently, the only available bosses are; Mechanist, Ice kraken, and Unchained sk
  4. Owners Cade Chris Managers Loob - Handles promotions of Staff Members Flex - Handles Complaints & Donations Administrators Groupie Moltsje Moderators Kitty Kat Support Drtouchme
  5. Pet Changes Pet name alterations Grand Heli -> Helicopter Cretaceous Heli -> Grand Helicopter Thanos [Dream] -> Thanos [Rare] Deadly Ant [Rare] -> Shadow [Rare] Mystical Genie -> Enchanted Genie Celestial Phoenix -> Enchanted Phoenix Pet Droprate Changes The following now give 3% Bonus Droprate Pikachu, Mini Phoenix, Spongebob, Callisto, Fire Hydrant, Charmander, Homer The following now give 8% Bonus Droprate Sk
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