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  1. Afshin


    He is a divine don, and has attained Middleman rank. All i can vouch.
  2. Afshin

    Buying Bonds

    Bond prices have been updated, Imp will pay whatever the new price is, he is wealth lol.
  3. Afshin

    Renting out Max gear

    There is no way to safely do this, I dont recommend this since there can no way for staff the chase down everyone who doesnt get you back equipment.
  4. Could be fun, like last man standing on OSRS?
  5. Please add this in our suggestions for upvote/downvote on discord.
  6. Afshin


    We'd have to integrate our system, but a fair way of doing this should be reworked +1.
  7. We can add a god tier for it eventually, please post this in our discord suggestion.
  8. Afshin

    Forums buff

    Once we have it connected we can work towards this.
  9. Could be done with skilling rework.
  10. Its currently being fixed/implemented.
  11. Afshin

    Weekly event

    That would cause favs lol, would have to be wheel event.
  12. Afshin

    Global Rules

    Not a bad set of rules at all!
  13. Welcome buddy, looking forward to play with you.
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