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  1. SUGGESTIONS: 1. Renew slayer by adding better rewards to the shop, harder tasks and duo slayer. 2. Add an achievement point system with unique achievement store, allowing players not only to pvm on the server but also skilling (or have progression pass added skilling tasks to go to the next level). 3. Update pest control shop with better rewards, allowing players not only to pvm but also play minigames.. 4. Make a special area with an NPC giving free dharok set/food/pots so staff may host an dharok tournament, allowing players to fight each other to death. First 3 places g
  2. Suggestions: - Add duo slayer, making it possible to go through slayer with a friend or random online player. Create a unique duo slayer store with unique items. - Add more items to be able to sell to the junk store, like partyhats, ween masks, bones (from bosses) etc. - Increase loot from caskets from 0-2k to 1-10k, with a really small chance of obtaining 1m, making it worth picking them up. - Add something rare to obtain by opening clue scrolls, like 1/25k, instead of only starter keys. Or maybe an "advanced key", which is an better version of starter key? - Add items t
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