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  1. Thanks for your comment brother, appreciate it! In my opinion it is not about an "effort" you make on the application itself, but the effort you make on helping people ingame that matters, i may be wrong tho! Many people know me since server was up, im not fancy with words, but ill help everyone in whatever the matter is 😛. But i will take your advice in consideration from now o, thanks again 😄
  2. What is your in-game name: Saint Vains What is your time zone? GMT Europe What experience (if any) do you have being a staff member on a RuneScape private server? Been staff in 1 smaller server and trusted host in dreamscape. Why do you think you should be chosen for Server Support? I know basicly everything about the server, also already help tons of people in pms/gen chat, might aswell get the rank so i can help even more. Also been here since the day of release or the day after 😛. Already did several giveaways if that helps in any way. Do you consider yourself
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