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  1. - The annoying message when you have a full inventory is no longer there - You can now upgrade Blue Coins into Gold Coins for 1.1m : 1 - You can now sell Gold Coins to the Junk Store The 100-level progression pass has finally been released! Everyone's progress has been reset and you must all grind out the new pass! In this pass, there are free levels and premium levels. Any player can obtain the free level rewards, however if you have not purchased the premium progression pass, you will not be able to claim the premium level rewards. The release of the MINI-ME pet! Thanks to hard
  2. Welcome! Glad you found a name that works with you. Hope you enjoy our community
  3. Teleport interface now remembers your last opened tab Blood shards shop now gives the correct amount of blood shards and not 85% of it Shops now take upto 300 items so that should fix the issue for blood shards shop becoming full Global bosses hp was reduced to 10b Made divine attachments unobtainable through mining Fixed martian instances Added ctrl-h shortcut to teleport to home Added ctrl-p shortcut to open pos (extreme donor+) Ranging orb was fixed Removed "eat" option from blood shards Added ::blood if you're too lazy to walk to the blood shards pool Player items don
  4. Thank you for your feedback!
  5. First I would like to welcome you to the server! This guide it to help new players navigate through our server and feel welcome as possible. This guide will constantly change biased off players inputs and questions. Remember if you ever need help in-game just type ::help and a staff member will be there to assist you. Client size: We have 3 options. Fixed, resiable, and full screen. You can find these settings in the wrench icon at the bottom left of your screen. When you click that you will see a monitor, click that. Go ahead and adjust your settings to how you want it.
  6. Content: Blood Shard Pool - As of right now we do not have anyone great to create new clean interfaces.. (If you know someone please let us know!) - This new pool acts somewhat like the Junk store, where you can 'sacrifice' items to the pool in order to gain the new currency 'Blood Shards' - With these new Blood Shards you can purchase very, very powerful items in the Blood Store - Not only can you purchase the new Best In Slot Melee / Magic / Range Gear.. If you're daring enough, you can purchase an orb - There are 3 different orbs, each pertaining to a certain combat style. - T
  7. Hello everyone, For everyone that was able to attend our Halloween event, we really hope you enjoyed it. You worked hard for your limited edition items and we are excited to see you show it off. One of our staff members has donated a Slender Pet to give away to a lucky member! To enter this giveaway, just leave a reply to this post. That is it you are entered. P.S. Sorry for the iron-men, you will not be able to receive a pet on your account, as iron-men cant trade. But you can still give it to your main! The winner will be picked at random. Good Luck to you all! As a
  8. Hello everyone! Item Stats search is here! Go to the following link below and check it out. You can see all the stats of the items that are wearable. If you don't see the item your looking for please let us know and we will up date it as quickly as possible. https://envisionps.net/search/
  9. - Trivia questions have been changed - Instances have been added, when you click teleport to a boss it will ask public zone or instance - Instances for everything cost 10m 1b Tokens - When you drink a 1 dose potion it will no longer give you a vial - You no longer require pumpkin kills to enter the Slender Portal - You no longer require pumpkin kills to Attack Slendermen - Slendermen will now provide players with 10 Halloween Points - Pumpkins will now provide players with 1-10 Halloween Points - Slendermen & Pumpkins have had their HP Cut - Slendermen will no longer drop
  10. Hello everyone, First I would like to thank the community for the strong support. We are undergoing massive updates to keep up with the player demand. Envision Redirect System Through this custom system we are able to update the website links much faster. Delivering you the updates you want Club System Now you can grow your own clan and managed your own section on the forums. Approve members and create topic areas that best fit your needs. You can also schedule events https://envisionps.net/forums/index.php?/clubs/ Streamer Support
  11. - The AFK Shop has been buffed - The Lord Marshal set in the vote store now gives +50k stats - The Frosty 3rd Age Gear gives 250k melee stats - KGD fixed - Halloween Jason will spawn every 500 slendermen kc - You can click insanity chest now to open it u dont have to use the key on it as long as u have key in inv - Add D3vil to staff panel - Rotated banks at home - Removed the null from Extreme Donor Box - fix ::donated and ::voted made dr show correct percentage without relogging - king gold dragon was fixed, now gives loot to everyone - added more slenders - everyth
  12. **Envisions First Massive Update** - The Halloween Event is finally here! For the next 8 days, you will be able to defeat Jason... Pumpkins... And Slendermen! - If you wish to get a headstart on this Limited Time Event teleport to Envisions New Home! - From there you can speak to Death about obtaining the Pumpkin Crusher! - With this new Pumpkin Crusher you can defeat Pumpkins, a new NPC that rewards Halloween Points! - Using the Halloween Points you can either save them up & purchase items in the store OR you may go down the route of killing Slendermen! - When killing Slend
  13. Minor Update - Trivia Goodiebag no longer spams that annoying text message - DROPRATE HAS BEEN FIXED FOR ALL PLAYERS - BFG9000 now hits 2x - All 1:750 Drops have been made 1:1000 by request of the players - You can now attempt to upgrade for a 1Q Coin
  14. **Envision Updates** - The Item Combiner has been disabled for the moment
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