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    • Champions Area Within this new area you can earn a strong magic weapon, the Sang Staff. More details on this whole update are located on our discord https://discord.gg/rmXmD5ZRwg in the #Champions-zone under Guides.   Quality of Life Changes Slightly changed raids map You'll now deal more damage against your slayer task if using slayer helmets Bloodied/enchanted = 30% more Normal slayer = 10% more Full slayer helm = 15% more Using slayer bow, staff and axe will increase your max against your slayer task by 100% Increased stats of knowledge necklace Added spear to endurance point shop Any spear ingame will deal extra damage to corp beast Slightly increased stats of the minigun and the spec will deal 10% more damage Sentinel weapons are now 2 lines of damage Minigun is now 2 lines of damage Added accept all button to daily tasks Mass boss scroll will now work at corp Slightly increased chance of sentinel weapons New world boss, the Slayer Warrior has a chance to spawn when killing any slayer npc The slayer warrior can drop Hexcrest and Focus sight aswell as the new enhanced slayer gear   Bug Fixes Fixed bugs with player owned shops and upgrade scroll Corrected grand ring droprate Increased stats of knowledge necklace Fixed bug with private messaging
    • Drop Tables You can now visibly see the drop tables on every boss teleport https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/762833240444502020/847951111766933524/unknown.png   Critical Hit Modifier There is now a Critical Hit modifier available to create. When you deal a critical hit you will deal 2.5x your max hit.  Level 1: 3% chance Level 2: 6% chance Level 3: 9% chance Level 4: 12% chance Level 5: 15% chance   Giant Mole You can find the Giant mole inside the Bosses Teleports There is a chance that you can spawn the Enchanted Mole after defeating the Giant Mole   In Other News The Ancient Spear now has a special attack You can sell invictus armor/weapons to the blood pool/junk store All junk store prices have been increased by 10x
    • Slayer Boss - The Mechanic The Mechanic can be found at the Slayer Teleport (Click the skill icon) -> Slayer Lectern It can only be killed while you have it assigned as your slayer task Drops include parts for the new weapon, the minigun. (Before you start to worry.. This will be the only minigun that's coming to Envision) Boss Slayer The beginning of Boss Slayer Tasks has begun You can acquire a boss slayer task at the Retired Master located at the slayer teleport Currently, the only available bosses are; Mechanist, Ice kraken, and Unchained skeleton In Other News All boss lobby bosses have had their hp buffed (except spider) It now costs 25m to skip a slayer task  Fixed staff panel Bloodied slayer full helm now works with pure blood gear  Raid chest has received a small buff The first raid boss has had its minions and healing nerfed Guren has been added back to teleport interface A button has been placed the progression interface to switch between melee, range and magic
    • Owners Cade Chris   Managers Loob - Handles promotions of Staff Members Flex - Handles Complaints & Donations   Administrators Groupie  Moltsje   Moderators Kitty Kat   Support Drtouchme
    • Pet Changes Pet name alterations         Grand Heli -> Helicopter         Cretaceous Heli -> Grand Helicopter         Thanos [Dream] -> Thanos [Rare]         Deadly Ant [Rare] -> Shadow [Rare]         Mystical Genie -> Enchanted Genie         Celestial Phoenix -> Enchanted Phoenix Pet Droprate Changes               The following now give 3% Bonus Droprate                    Pikachu, Mini Phoenix, Spongebob, Callisto, Fire Hydrant, Charmander, Homer               The following now give 8% Bonus Droprate                    Skeleton, Shadow, Star, Thanos               The following now give 13% Bonus Droprate                    Yoda, Kangaroo, Sky Panda, Hellcat               All other pets -> Bonus Droprate                    White Genie -> 18%                    Black Genie -> 20%                    Enchanted Genie -> 50%                    Pet Trex -> 20%                    Magsty -> 25%                    Nafai -> 25%                    Apocata -> 35%                    Phoenix -> 25%                    Enchanted Phoenix -> 80%                    Helicopter -> 35%                    Grand Helicopter -> 55%                    Ring Master -> 35%                    John the Blob -> 100%                    Enchanted Blob -> 175%   Bonus Pet Changes                      White & Black Genie -> Provide a bonus 10% Battle-Pass Experience Gain                    Enchanted Genie -> Provides a bonus 25% Battle-Pass Experience Gain                    Magsty -> Deal an increased 20% Damage against Magsty                    Nafai -> Deal an increased 20% Damage against Nafai                     Apocata -> Deal an increased 20% Damage against Apocata                     Phoenix -> Deal an increased 20% Damage against Phoenix                     Enchanted Phoenix -> Deal an increased 25% Damage against Phoenix                     Archnoid -> Deal an increased 20% Damage against Archnoid                     Ice Kraken -> Deal an increased 20% Damage against Ice Kraken                     Helicopter -> Deal an increased 10% Damage everywhere                    Grand Helicopter -> Deal an increased 15% Damage everywhere                    Ring Master -> You have an increased chance to receive rare raids loot                    John the Blob -> You have an increased chance to receive rare raids loot                    Enchanted Blob -> Deal 25% Extra Damage everywhere; Earn 35% More Battle-Pass Experience; You will now have a chance to find Pure Stones inside all boxes     Ice Kraken When killing an ice kraken; there will be a 1/250 chance to spawn an enchanted kraken which has a rare drop of the Enchanted Bottle Enchanted bottle can be used on: Black/White Genie -> Enchanted Genie Phoenix -> Enchanted Phoenix Hexcrest/Focus Sight -> Enchanted Hexcrest/Focus Sight Master Penance Trident -> Enchanted Master Trident Purple gem gloves -> Enchanted gem gloves   Battle Pass Changes The following will now each provide 150 Battle Pass Experience                    Rageros, Skeleton Champion, Phoenix, Apocata, Nafai, Magsty, Carrie, Larry, Harry, Sharie, All Grand Dragons   Donation Deal Changes You will now have a chance to receive a Pure Stone from the Donation Package Deals located on ::donate in-game RNG Ticket has a 1:25 chance Promo Package has a 1:15 chance Grand Promo Package has a 1:5 chance   New Upgrades Enchanted Blob is created by using an Enchanted Phoenix, John The Blob & Enchanted Genie.  This Pet will fight alongside you everywhere and deal 80k damage every hit An enchanted slayer helm has been added. The enchanted slayer helm provides 10% damage boost. If you pair a enchanted slayer helm with any enchanted weapon then you'll receive an extra 30% damage boost If the enchanted slayer helm and weapon is paired with a enchanted pet then you'll receive an additional 15% damage boost and 5% additional with purple gem gloves   In Other News All destruction pieces now sells for 4.2k Knights Sword now sellable Extreme Donor box now gives the proper Sponsor Donator Scroll Tornado Staff (x) should no longer have a projectile delay Enhanced Overload (x) will now provide the bonus 15% Coin Drops when active The Sinister Crossbow will now deal 2 lines of damage Rev Werewolf no longer has drops Thors Hammers now provide 18% Droprate each Item Upgrade Scrolls are now stackable Once a player has reached over level 10 in the battle pass, it will announce to all players Fixed the ::well interface Removed useless items from raid rewards and buffed it a bit Increased HP of all raid bosses + added more mechanics Increased HP of Archnoid boss Fixed a bug with equipment Corp. Beast will now stun you less Ice kraken will stop disabling prayer You now need a slayer task to fight ice kraken and unchained skeleton Changed Teleport interface Fixed Sensi staff 
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