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    • Envision Sword Tiers You can start grinding these tiers by using the minigame teleports. Envision Sword Minigame - Sword + Upgrade Crystal 1-3 Tier 4 - Challenge board - ::home left hand side of the bank Tier 5 - Crypt - Minigame Teleports Tier 6 - Blood store - ::blood Tier 7 - Phoenix - Minigame Teleports Tier 8 - Catacylsm - Minigame Teleports Tier 9 - Apocalypse - Minigame Teleports
    • Noted.   Thank you for your input.
    • Donator [$10] Bonus 5% droprate! 2% Double DR Access to ::dzone 10% chance to save a casket when opening! 4 extra pest control points per game! Save 33% of your prayer points!   Super Donator [$50] Bonus 10% droprate! 4% Double DR 15% chance to save a casket when opening! 7 extra pest control points per game! Save 50% of your prayer points!   Extreme Donator [$150]  Access to ::Gamble! Access to ::ezone Bonus 15% droprate! 6% Double DR 20% chance to save a casket when opening! 9 extra pest control points per game!   Sponsor [$500] Access to ::sponsor Infinite Prayer Bonus 20% droprate! 8% Double DR 30% chance to save a casket when opening! 12 extra pest control points per game!   Executive [$1000] Access to ::exec Infinite Prayer Bonus 30% droprate! 10% Double DR - 17 extra pest control points per game! You will deal an extra 10% Damage You will gain access to the Test Server with staff, and get to learn about all of the new updates that are soon to come!   Divine [$2500] Bonus 50% droprate! 20% Double DR You will deal an extra 20% Damage (does not stack with executive rank % boost)   Serenity [$5000]
    • What is your in-game name: Raids What is your time zone? EST (GMT-5) but essentially my timezone isn't exactly connected to my playtime as it is a bit all over the place. What experience (if any) do you have being a staff member on a RuneScape private server? I've held numerous staff positions, including support here at envision near the start of the server in which I had resigned due to my specific circumstances at work IRL, and now I wish to claim my role back and continue my prestigious run as staff. Why do you think you should be chosen for Server Support? Obviously because I am one of the most knowledgeable players here and not to be biased but I am a great personality to have around. I have the ability to hold myself as an upmost responsible player and have excellent decision making skills. I'm also able to differentiate between friend/player and punish/make decisions without unbiased thought processes. I am aware that I do have a 'trolling' trait that many have witnessed, which I do consider to be a good part of my personality - I'm able to have fun as a regular player while still meeting that staff member standard. Do you consider yourself to be active enough on Discord and in-game to fulfil staff requirements? I am most definitely active enough 3-5 hours per day throughout the week and then all day everyday on the weekend, these times can lower or raise just depending if i have events to run at work where I am out of state but they are scheduled and those times will be shared accordingly. How many hours on average per day can you dedicate to Envision? As mentioned above 3-5 Monday thru Thursday, 10-15+ Friday/Saturday/Sunday, and I'm always accessible via Discord. I also do have more than 100 hours, and I'm nearing 1000+ between all of my accounts while here at envision from the start.
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